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Phillip Ross: Technical Translator

I am a Japanese to English technical translator, specialising in high-quality translation of Instruction manuals for factory automation products. I specialise in industrial robots and also have extensive experience with inverter drives, vision sensors, CNCs, servos, and HMIs. I am a native English speaker, born in the UK, living in Manchester. 

April 2021 - Present

Switched from in-house translator to freelance translator.

August 2017 - April 2021

Mitsubishi Electric: In-house Technical Translator

I worked as part of Mitsubishi Electric’s professional translation team in Nagoya, Japan. My main role was translating robot instruction manuals. I also managed other projects such as the translation of software, service reports, catalogs, websites, power points, subtitles, and textbooks. I completed over 350 projects, ranging from 100 words to 120,000 words. I also provided support for native Japanese translators to help them improve their English translation skills.

December 2015 - July 2016

Toyota City: English Instructor

On my way to becoming a full-time translator, I taught English at a Junior High School in Toyota City. I taught alongside 9 Japanese instructors, motivating over 1000 students with their English study by creating fun and easy to follow lessons. I also coached 3 students for the annual prefectural English speech contest. Two of them won awards.


JET: Bilingual Assistant / English Instructor

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese in 2013. That same year, I was hired by the Japanese government to work at Shimonoseki Board of Education in Yamaguchi prefecture as a bilingual assistant and English instructor. For over 2 years I translated and proofread documents for public institutions, interpreted, and taught English at High School. At this time, I mainly translated/proofread speeches, emails, flyers, videos, and tourist guides. Although these translations were not technical, they helped to hone and develop my translation skills. Along the way I also had the pleasure of briefly working with the Minister and Deputy Head of Mission of the British Embassy in Tokyo, the Mayor of Shimonoseki, and the many skilled people at the local City Hall and Fire Department.